The league has come a long way in the last twelve months from the threat of closure at the beginning of the year to the most successful season for a long time. With over 59 kids under 12 and 30 fixed wheel riders taking part over the course of the year, it looks like the future is secure. A huge vote of thanks has to go to all the committed volunteers who set up, sign on, judge etc etc.
Following a successful regional championship, more seniors are set to ride next year. This, together with the huge increase in the U12’s, has led to a re-think in the format of the racing. With details still to be finalised with the committee, it is hoped the U12’s will start and finish at an earlier time next year, to ensure a competitive and exciting programme is on offer to all riders, fixed wheel or free.
For the league races, the first race will be 7pm for the free wheel riders and 7.30 for the fixed wheel riders. Please ensure you arrive early enough to sign on before your first race. Cost is £7 for Seniors, £5 for Juniors and £3 for kids.
The new dates are:
10 May           WRTL 1
17th May        WRTL 2
24th May        WRTL 3
7th June         WRTL 4
14th June        WRTL 5
21st June        WRTL 6
28th June       WRTL 7
5th July          WRTL 8

12th July Yorkshire Regional Grass Track Championships (Closing Date 26th June 2010)

Not the 9th August as previously shown on the Events Calendar

L/1/2/3/4 Start 7pm Cost £10

Youths Start 6.45pm Cost  £5

Juniors Start 7pm  Cost£6

 There will be no EOL for the regional.


19th July        WRTL 9
26th July        WRTL 10
2nd August     WRTL 11
9th August      WRTL 12 Finale and Presentation
It is also intended to arrange four training sessions to the younger riders before racing starts.
I can’t wait for the season to start, and from what I’m hearing from others, neither can the riders.
Mandy Parker