gearing up for 2011

With so much going on this year, it's hard to know where to start. Enquiries are up this year so we are hoping for our busiest season ever. Let's go through the developments one at a time.

Bikes for Loan

We will have a selection of our own West Riding Track bikes to be made available to borrow for the season as well as a supply from our last years sources. Most of this has been made possible by the sterling efforts of Geoff Davies, Alan Edmundson, members of Leeds Kirkgate where past cyclists are supporting those of the future in an amazing re-cycling project.Also thanks to all of you who have emptied your sheds and lofts to donate spares for us. Please keep them coming. Also many thanks to Terry Halton's daughter Kirsty who is letting us use her much beloved bike as well.

These are going to be presented to us on the first night on the 9th May and is part of the centenary celebrations of the Leeds Kirkgate Cycle Club. There will be a display of Kirkgate photographs, trophies and other vintage cycling tackle at Leeds market from Wednesday 25/05/11 to 8/06/2011 in the display windows near the Information Centre. A must to see for all with such a strong link between the league and the club.

Aslo thanks to Simon and Kim of BC.

National 400 Men's Track Championsip and National British Schools Cycling Association Grass Track Championship Sunday 31st July 2011.

This will be in the form of an Open meeting to include the above, and is a welcome return to a weekend open event for Roundhay. Entry forms are on the BC website at: or from Mandy Parker at A substantial amount of sponsorship has been secured from generous members of Leeds Kirkgate Cycle Club in celebration of their Centenury and from Giles Pidcock of Fensham Howes so the prizes will be worth racing for!

Race programme and Points system

If our success continues to build there will be inevitable changes to the race programme which will only improve things. New for the Under 12's this year will be changes to the points system for a fairer scoring. With most races needing to be handicap races to cover the range of abilities there will be greater points for the Time Trials in each age cat from 20 points for 1st down to 1point as well as 5,3,2,1 for the 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th placed riders. They will also finish earlier to avoid too many late school nights. The 5,3,2,1 will also apply to the over 12's and adults for all finals and main races.As always the first few weeks are always frantic but we will soon settle down.

As always, your suggestion and comments on how we can develop are always welcomed. We also need volunteers to help with running the events, so don't be shy, we need your help. Hot and Cold Drinks will also be available with the ever popular sweets and biscuits etc.

Can't wait to start and see you on the 9th!