The league runs over the summer and points are accrued depending on the rider's results in the events. There is a slight change to the system for this year.

Under 12's:

Points are given for all in each age group in the time trial on the basis of 1 for the slowest increasing by one point for each place higher so all get points.

Points are then given to the first four riders in each scratch event, devil and keirins on the same basis 4,3,2,1.Lowest Group,Next group 8, 7, 6, 5 and so on. This gives more points the higher group to encourage riders to move up as they progress.

At the end of the year trophies, medals and certificates will be given out. A Trophy (kept for only one year), medal and certificate to the winner of each age cat and medals and certificates to second and third. All but two of the normal league events will count.

Handicap points will be kept seperate this year with a trophy for the Handicap champion in each age cat: Under 6,8,10 and 12.


Fixed Riders

Similar points system for each counting event excluding heats and handicaps. A separate Handicap award will be given for each age cat at the season end. Fixed riders receive money for the top three places.


We will see how this works and reserve the right to change it during the season as required. Any changes will be publisised here.