Flood damage destroying track league season

After 4 weeks of racing on a fast improving track, the summer rainfall that has seen severe flooding throughout Yorkshire is still affecting the West Riding Track League at Roundhay Park Arena, Leeds.

With races as prestigeous as the Mens National Road Race Championships having to be moved to Wales it is easy to overlook the effect the weather has had on the only track league in the region. With a season lasting 12 meetings from mid May to mid August, the League are now facing the prospect that over a third of the season will be lost with the last 4 meetings cancelled due to the conditions pictured.

"Although we expect to lose 2 -3 evenings of racing every year to lose 4 consecutive evenings with the likelyhood that the damage to the racing will take a further number of weeks to recover we will have to assess the viability of continuing this season"

The effect of losing so many meetings in a row is not just to stretch the resources of the long established not-for-profit league but to put off many of our riders from planning to ride this season.

 "We always notice the drop off of regular riders after we lose a week or 2, who will be left after we have been unable to race for more than a month. The budget for the season is based on running 9 meetings at a set number of riders to break even & we are now down to a possible 8 or less with a probability of reduced rider numbers!"

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