No More Racing for 2007

After a lengthy consultation between officials the decision has been reached to end the 2007 West Riding Track League.

The track is now so waterlogged that we are unable to race on it again in 2007. Points gained in the 4 league meetings run before the summers weather took hold will stand & overall positions will be announced on the leagues website powered by

Although the unusual rain fall has contributed to the end of racing officials are now concerned any racing in the future is at risk without major work in the arena.

The drainage underneath the track is virtually untouched since the track was built in the early 1890`s & coupled with the rise of the water table in the arena since the remodelling of the park, we are now unable to race after rainfall the previous week, unheard of in the past when racing before & after rain during a track meeting was common.

The track that has recently seen some of our brightest talents for the Beijing & London Olympics take their first pedal strokes in anger is in danger of becoming virtually unusable & the area is in danger of losing the venue where not only are new faces introduced to racing for the first time but cyclists will lose a valuable facility not only to participate but to meet, relax & watch racing in the atmosphere of a purpose built cycle track that has seen racing from the Victorian age to the present day.

We are appealing to anyone with the specialist knowledge of the work required to enable racing in the future to get in touch as soon as possible.

Contact details are on the League`s website powered by