Rain stops Play? Not at Roundhay!

For the last few years, the track league has been unable to run after spells of heavy rain due to a waterlogged track. This year, after extensive drainage work carried out by Roundhay Park, the track was fit to ride. This was despite the heaviest storms of the year.

With the forecast unpredictable, the organiser, Mandy Parker, decided to go ahead with the event.

When asked, she said “I thought it would be worth trying to run in view of the condition of the track. However after driving through heavy downpours on the way to the event, I was expecting to be lynched by the intrepid few who turned up. I was astounded to find that the park was in a pocket of sunny weather surrounded by heavy rain clouds.” The weather remained kind to the riders turning up and a full programme was run.



Numbers were understandably down but both youth and seniors were tested to the limit by a sticky track. Even some of the more experienced riders were caught out with their gearing by the conditions, as usually races were cancelled until the track was bone dry.


A  series of new programmes has been devised by Mark Barry, offering a variety of types of races to spice up the league and some of the younger riders were tested by the differing distances. This made for opportunities for other riders throughout the event.



With growing numbers of riders, Mandy would like to encourage more senior and youth riders to attend, “We can offer some competitive racing over a variety of distances to suit differing abilities. It is harder racing on grass but offers fantastic opportunities exciting for both riders and spectators. As a number of current and past GB squad members have raced at Roundhay as part of their schedule, we offer fantastic opportunities for all".



Come along and have a go!


Contact Mandy Parker on 07917 860292 or mandyparker2@ntlworld.com