Success Leads to Change

With the phenomenal success of the publicity campaign, with articles in the Yorkshire Evening Post and Cycling Weekly, rider numbers have increased dramatically. Most of these are in the U12 age categories with recent scratch heats running to six in order to accommodate the eager kids wanting to race.
This just what the league needs to have a secure future and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped over the last frantic few weeks.
However it has lead to increased waiting between races and difficulties in grouping and handicapping the kids on the night. As a result, the team have put their heads together to make improvements to the programme. This will have the added benefit of letting the young ones finish a little earlier.
For the U12’s it is intended that they will all ride at least three events. The younger riders will have a ½ lap Time Trial, a 500m handicap and a 900m handicap. The fastest 12 boys and 6 girls from the previous week will have additional races in line with their ability.
For the fixed riders, the ½ lap Time Trial will be taken out and their programme will include a block handicap, handicap heats to a final with a course de prime for those not in the final. Scratch races and a distance race, either a unknown or a devil etc. The fixed will also have less waiting time as most of the scratch races for the younger ones will be taken out.
A sample programme would be:
1.  1/2 lap TT U12's All Freewheel Riders
2. Fixed Wheel: Block Handicap
3. 500m Freewheel Handicap - all Freewheel Riders
4. Fixed Handicap Heats
5a. Freewheel Scratch Group 1 (2 Laps)
5b. Freewheel Scratch Group 2 (2 Laps)
5c. Freewheel Scratch Group 3 Girls (2 Laps)
6.  Fixed Wheel Handicap Final
7. Fixed Wheel Course de Primes or similar
7. Freewheel Handicap 900m for younger riders excluding the three groups
8.  Fixed Wheel Scratch races
9. Freewheel Group 3 Girls Distance race On start Line

10. Freewheel Group 1+2  Distance Race - rolling start

11. Senior Unknown Distance, Devil etc.

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